Fun Cosmopolis tidbits from Robert Pattinson’s TF1 interview

Robert Pattinson is in France to promote The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1. During an interview with TF1 Rob was asked about Cosmopolis, Cronenberg and Canada. The Cosmopolis talk starts at the 5:40 mark but unless you speak french the video is really just a visual. 😉 Translated transcript of the Cosmopolis parts of the interview is below.

An excerpt from the transcript:

Laurence: You still making movies. You just filmed a movie with the Canadian, David Cronenberg . Do you want to take a different turn with your career after the enormous weight that is playing Edward Cullen and Twilight?

Robert: I mean, it’s not really moving away. I don’t think I can see myself doing Twilight after Twilight film for the next twenty years. But I’ve always wanted to mix it up, I mean working with people like Cronenberg, I mean that’s … I loved Cronenberg before I even started acting and especially with amazing actors, Juliette Binoche is in it, and Mathieu Amalric. There are tons of French people working with him. It’s totally different from what I’ve done before and I feel like I’m going in the right direction.

Laurence: Thank you so much, Robert Pattinson. Did you learn some French words during the filming of Cronenberg’s movie?

Robert: French words in general or about him?

Laurence: French words in general?

Rob: Just words in French. I can say huh. What do I know in French huh? I’m gonna sound like I’m completely insane. Le cochon dinde (guinea pig).
Le bibliothèque (the library). Quelle est le date de ton anniversaire? (When is your birthday ?). god, i sound like such an idiot.

No you don’t Rob. No you don’t. 🙂

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  • He’s adorable. And his French sounds good to me. Of course I don’t speak French so I’m not really a good judge.

    • I agree, his French is very good, I guess his musical ear helps a lot. And maybe his choice of French words was completely random, but I did find it funny that he choose guinea pig when being subjected to the testing of his French. He’s just such a charming man.

  • I need to relisten, I missed the words. I have always wanted to learn French….have tapes…never learned, yet! Charming sitting in front of the gorgeous background, huh!

  • Sigh…..only Rob can make “guinea pig” in any language sound hot!!