VIDEO: David Cronenberg and Cosmopolis cast members at the Lisbon and Estoril Film Fest Q &A

So exciting to hear so much about the filming of Cosmopolis… and I’ve only seen a little bit. Very entertaining talk!

More videos after the jump.

Thank you a unpetitepeuK for the head’s up.


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  • Rory

    I excitedly watched this interview and the clip from the movie and came away with the same feeling. It is always nice to hear people, especially talented thoughtful people like David say what they think about Rob’s acting abilities. I had not heard that D. C. saw Little Ashes, I have heard Rob say in an interview that David saw Remember Me – two very different movies showing a range of abilities that’s for sure. I didn’t like what David said about three of Rob’s movie roles being the same ones – all from Twilight, because I don’t believe that is true. I really hate when people put down this body of work especially when they likely have not even seen it or read the books then how can they possibly have an accurate opinion about Rob’s acting in these movies? They can’t. I think if David watched a couple of these movies he would see that although Rob played Edward in each, movie, Edward was going through vastly different experiences in each which required very different emotions, moods and reactions and acting ability from Rob as you know I’m sure. I liked what Sarah said when she described how different Rob’s personality is from Eric’s, which just goes to show what a good actor he is. That being said David still had some nice things to say. Paul was funny talking about being in-love with Robert Pattinson, over and over, rather than saying his character was in-love with Eric. Very funny.
    I had to listen and watch the video several times to really get what I was hearing, mostly. I can’t wait to see a better version of it, but for now it was really fun to get an idea of how they are going portray the book. This may sound weird but it made me think of the movie Casablanca, the dialogue between Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman… how they talked and their voices so flat and with loud music in the background. I don’t know just how stylized it is. It is definitely going to be an art piece and really cool.
    So we have to wait for a whole year to see it. That sucks. Maybe he will still show it at some of the Film Festivals too which could mean we get to see it before December. That would be cool. Maybe he is holding off for a December release for that reason to generate some buzz at the Festivals and also it would be fresh in the minds of those who decide on Award Nominations minds too… if that is where this movie is headed. Thanks for posting the interview and the video I really enjoyed them very much.

  • Robfangirl

    thanks for this site. love the panel vids, hope they create more events like this around the world where fans can also participate