VIDEO: David Cronenberg debuts first look at Cosmopolis

David Cronenberg shared a first look at Cosmopolis during a Masterclass at the Lisbon and Estoril Film Fest. Very exciting to get a glimpse and hear the voices and tone of the music. Is it 12/12/12 yet?

Thank you to 3cheers4tyranny for the video. I am completely overwhelmed. What do you guys think?

  • SPOILERS!!!!


    (can’t say you weren’t warned….)

    What little I could see I saw a) Torval outside where the limos are lined up (Union Station), b) Elise and Eric having lunch (Lakeview Diner) c) flashing lights of the rave party (Opera House) as well as could hear sounds of Eric during pie scene (and trashed limo!)…..Oh my!!!

  • Chris

    I wonder if we’ll get a clear video of this? I think this is gonna be amazing!!!

  • Eileen

    It’s not really much to go on, but I love Eric’s voice that sounds so strong and sure of himself. It has a futuristic feeling and I’m beyond excited about this. It’s going to be weird, but in a very brilliant way.

  • JaneR

    I’m so excited to see Cosmopolis. But is there any info about showing us the full video? They don’t want to torture us, right?

    And there were supposed to be new images too. Can you pls tell me have they showed these new images along with the footage?
    Thanks in advance

    • Apparently there were a few images shown but so far no one seems to have gotten photos of them. The video is the only one that seems to be out there and I doubt it will become available. It was meant to be seen at the festival only. I’m just so grateful we got to see/hear anything! LOL

      His voice and Sarah’s voice as Elise give me chills. This movie is going to be INTENSE.

  • Kazrob

    I absolutely LOVED the tone of Rob’s voice…the accent…..gave me shivers down my spine.
    That rocking music score too……
    Baby boy is most definitely a man now……

  • That was awesome!! Who can help me – what music play in that clip?

    • It’s Nine Inch Nails “Wretched”.