Interview: David Cronenberg talks writing Cosmopolis with

This is a fantastic, indepth interview with David Cronenberg. Check out the rest at for more about A Dangerous Method and the “new” film distribution system. Here’s an excerpt where David Cronenberg talks about writing the Cosmopolis script.

CS: Let’s talk about “Cosmopolis.” I think it’s terrific you’re writing  again, and I loved a lot of the other movies you’ve written but you’ve gotten  away from that, so was “Cosmopolis” something you’d been writing for a long  time?

Cronenberg: No, no, “Cosmopolis” is based on a novel. It took me  six days to write it. Yeah, but that’s because the novel is so great, and the  dialogue in it is incredible. It’s very cinematic. Well, it is and it isn’t.  Most of the movie takes place inside a limo, so some people would say that’s not  cinematic, but I say it is. So, yeah, writing is interesting. I know guys like  De Palma used to write their screenplays, and the thing is that when you’re  starting out, your screenplay is the hook that gets you into directing. It  certainly was for me because screenplays are harder to find than the directors,  actually. A good screenplay is harder to find than a good director. (laughs)  Writing your own screenplay was a way to get to direct. Then afterwards, there’s  a sort of momentum to your career and you’re finishing a movie and to write a  good screenplay – I wrote “Cosmopolis” in six days, but it was an adaptation.  But to write an original screenplay, for example, is very difficult. It could  easily take you a year or a couple of years, so once you’ve got a bit of a  momentum as a director, can you really afford to just stop for two years to  write a screenplay that you might not get made? So, it’s very tempting then when  somebody says, “Look, we’ve got this screenplay. It’s terrific. It’s financed.  We want you to direct it.” It’s very hard to say no, you know?

  • So much insight from Cronenberg. And to know the Rob is currently writing too is terrific.