VIDEO: Robert Pattinson mentions what it was like shooting a certain scene in Cosmopolis

Am I vague enough in the title of the post? Robert Pattinson was asked about a certain scene in Cosmopolis during the Breaking Dawn press conference in Berlin on Friday. The discussion is slightly spoilerish but if you’ve been with us awhile, you know what’s going on.

At 15:20, the question starts. Rob first talks about playing a vampire that kills people then he moves into what it’s like to do something to someone in Cosmopolis.

We’re so happy Cosmopolis was discussed often during Breaking Dawn promotion. We’ll try to gather all the little bits in the next few weeks and highlight them in one post. M and I were fortunate to attend some of the Breaking Dawn promotional events and had Rob autograph items from Cosmopolis. Gotta show him we support his work in this film. I also gave Rob a Get In The Limo button ;). We’ll share details on those goodies later as well.


  • Sus

    Tink!!! You actually gave Rob a “Get in the Limo” button??? THAT is awesome, bb!!! What did he say?

    Love your posts. Do we have a Cosmopolis release date yet???

  • Zina Clark

    Dearest Tink, I met you at the LA premiere and was hanging out with TwiloveSue at the campsite with all the Edwards and the Edward, Jacob, and faceless Bella cutout. I am absolutely heartbroken that I lost my Get In the Limo button, most likely in stinkin’ Smart ‘N’ Final gathering food for my family who hadn’t seen me in a week. I must get my hands on another one. Can you help me? I’ll send money, and/or my first born. Much love, Z Any Mouse

    • Hi Zina!

      I’m going to tell people that they can send me a pre-stamped envelope of something that I can drop buttons into. For now, go ahead an email me so I have your info. cosmopolisfilmfans at gmail dot com