VIDEO: Robert Pattinson talks about Cosmopolis sex scenes and Juliette Binoche

Robert Pattinson talks to RTL (Berlin) about his comfort level with sex scenes and shooting Cosmopolis with Juliette Binoche. Cosmopolis talk is around the 4:00 minute mark. UPDATE: YouTube added at the bottom of the post.

The interviewer asks if it’s easier to film a sex scene with someone familiar (this is from Breaking Dawn promotion) or with someone new.

“It’s always kind of silly pretending to have sex with someone. I did this movie afterwards called Cosmopolis where there are three sex scenes in it and every sex scene was with an actress and I met them that day.”

“I was doing a scene with Juliette Binoche, the first time I’d ever met Juliette Binoche and she’s one of my favourite actresses in the world and within an hour of meeting her we had to be pretending to have sex.”

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  • Kazrob

    Oh god…i’ve come over all funny…I need to sit down and take deep breaths.
    I think 2012 will be the Sex Year Of Rob.
    Bel Ami……sex in a bed, up against a wall, on a couch…..
    Cosmopolis……sex in a hotel bed, up against a wall, in a car
    BD 2……sex on a cottage floor, in a bed….all night long…..

    No wonder Rob is comfortable with sex scenes…..he’s an old hand at

    • LOL That is a wonderfully specific itemized list.

      That was a really fun interview. I’m loving how Rob seems to take any opening to bring up Cosmopolis. 😉 I bet he’s looking forward to it as much as we are.

  • I love a confident man.

  • mmmhmm *watches again*

  • ViV

    como 3 escenas de sexo?!!!
    son 4!!!
    cual nos robaron?
    1 Didi
    2 Jane
    3 Kendra
    4 Elise

  • Viv, con Jane no tiene sexo, solo una conversación de tono sexual (con una botella de agua de por medio) en su limo 😉
    And now at english: I was telling to Viv that Eric doesn’t hace sex with Jane, only a sex conversation (with a bottle of water included) at his limo 😉

    • ViV

      mmm es cierto… aunque es la mas hot de todas y ambos acaban…
      eso espero!