ROUNDUP: Cosmopolis Already On Top 10 List, Cronenberg Talks Surrealism, & Australia Distribution Announced

Cosmopolis is already making top 10 lists. NASDAQ reported their list of films to watch for in 2012 and Cosmopolis is #7:

7) “Cosmopolis,” director: David Cronenberg (TBA):

Robert Pattinson will get a chance to shed his “Twilight” persona for a tale about a millionaire and his dealings over a 24-hour period in Manhattan. Jay Baruchel and Paul Giamatti co-star in the latest from master director David Cronenberg, the filmmaker behind “Eastern Promises,” “A History of Violence” and upcoming release “A Dangerous Method.”

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David Cronenberg briefly mentioned the surrealism of Cosmopolis to

Are you interested in returning to otherworldly stories that are less constrained by reality that we saw earlier in your career?

DC: Well, I wouldn’t close the door or anything, really. Because, as I say, I don’t categorize things that way. For example: Cosmopolis, which is a movie I just finished shooting, is…really hard to describe. It’s kind of surreal in some ways. So, it certainly isn’t really based in the way that Dangerous Method is—let’s put it that way. Kind of interesting. So no, I think a director is a fool to close the door on anything arbitrarily. You’re always waiting for a project to come along that will knock your socks off and surprise you. And what genre it is, for example, is at that point really irrelevant. In other words, I’m not worried about going back, and having people say, ‘Oh, he’s going back to the old horror films.’ I would be pleased to do that if it was the right project. It wouldn’t bother me at all.


Cosmopolis producer, Grégoire Melin, emailed RPAustralia and shared that Icon Film Distribution Australia would distribute the film in Australia. No release date was given.