News: David Cronenberg talks Cosmopolis post-production and Robert Pattinson

The Playlist talked to David Cronenberg at this past weekend’s Gotham Awards in New York City. He gave a great update on Cosmopolis’ post production status and what’s next.


David Cronenberg, who received a career tribute just in time to promote “A Dangerous Method,” told The Playlist that he was skipping out on the rest of awards season so he could spend the time finishing “Cosmopolis.”

“This isn’t a criticism, but when you’re making movies and being creative, you’re not making movies to fit in awards season,” he said. “It’s a parallel universe, and sometimes those universes kind of intersect, but I’m going to run away and hide from all that. I’m going to Paris, and I won’t be in the awards, I’ll be happily in my new movie.”

Cronenberg said he’s finishing the sound mix in France because the film is financed as a Canada-France co-production. “The movie will be done sometime in January, but it won’t be released for about a year, this time next year,” he projected. “Robert Pattinson is brilliant in it.” No whether or no Cronenberg means the film won’t be released theatrically or hit the festival circuit until next fall is unclear, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

So exciting to hear about the film’s progress but soooo hard to wait a year.


  • Susan

    I’d heard a December release date and talk about it being a gutsy move because of awards season so I took it as a theatrical release at that time. It will be hard to wait a year but hopefully the rumored release of a trailer in January will come to be. Fingers and toes are crossed!!

  • Sus

    Oh, no! We have to wait another year? Damn…….guess it will come out around the same time as BD2! Hope BA is released sooner. I need my Rob!

    • Sus

      P.S. I forgot to add that I am so happy to hear all the wonderful things Cronenberg has to say about Rob and his acting!

  • faiza464

    I can’t wait to see the move. Why I have to wait one year I don’t understand plies tale me the reason.I sow all ROBS move Cronenberg is right .He was wonderful.VOTE for ROB repels choice award.

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