VIDEO: David Cronenberg says Robert Pattinson and Paul Giamatti are “both brilliant” in Cosmopolis

It wouldn’t be a David Cronenberg interview without a Cosmopolis shout out. This time with MTV at the Gotham Independent Film Awards.

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The accompanying article via MTV:

Last month, when MTV News asked David Cronenberg about working with Robert Pattinson on his upcoming film “Cosmopolis,” the director put his feelings about the “Twilight” heartthrob simply: “He’s sensational.”

Cronenberg said that “Twilight” fans would see Pattinson in a way they aren’t used to, since the role shares more in common with the actor’s lesser-known films like “Little Ashes” and “Remember Me.”

When the director walked the red carpet last week at the Gotham Independent Film Awards in support of his film “A Dangerous Method,” he stopped to speak again with MTV News’ Josh Horowitz, revealing which scenes in particular were the most challenging for Pattinson.

“Probably the last couple of days was where there was just a long, long, maybe 15-minute scene with Paul Giamatti, just the two of them in a couple of rooms,” Cronenberg said. In “Cosmopolis,” Pattinson plays Eric Packer, a young millionaire who just wants to get his hair cut. Things go awry when his limo gets stuck in traffic and a stalker, played by Giamatti, causes even more trouble.

Cronenberg said that one of the biggest testaments to Pattinson’s skill as an actor was the effect he had on his Academy Award-nominated co-star. “They were both brilliant, and Paul was really impressed,” he said. “If Paul’s impressed, he’s a good judge of other actors, and he said so publicly.”

  • Those in the know… know! Quality director and co-stars will tap into and unleash the brilliance we all know is simmering there. Just let it express itself Rob!

    I get goose bumps just thinking of all ways this film could rattle the bars of the cage that is Rob’s career and the straightjacketed studio movie machine. This should be Cronenberg’s most iconoclastic film in a decade. And since it’s coming out after the Twilight monster has finally been flayed and buried, I’ve a feeling he’s going to let it rip!

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