VIDEO: David Cronenberg talks about filmmaking in an extensive interivew; Cosmopolis mention

These two interviews are great. The one with the Cosmopolis mention is 30 minutes but if you have the time and enjoy learning about filmmaking, give it a listen.

Around 19:16  is the question that leads to Cosmopolis discussion.

This next one doesn’t have a Cosmopolis mention but while promoting A Dangerous Method, DC talked about directing with AFI: “Get good actors and let them be good.

It’s a quick discussion so if 30 minutes isn’t your cup of vodka, this one will still make you feel a bit more knowledgeable about the art of filmmaking & Cronenberg’s philosophy.

Side note: Quick congratulations to David Cronenberg and Viggo Mortensen for the Golden Globes Best Supporting Actor nomination (A Dangerous Method)! 🙂

Videos via: NoFilmSchool

  • suziekew

    *sigh* that first long interview was SO good…I just love to hear him talk and expound on the subject of filmmaking. Dude is a national treasure for Canada, no doubt. Thanks so much for posting Tink!

  • What about adding captions ? I understand it would be a big work but think of all the people that could this way properly understand what Cronenberg (and the others) say. I think all the videos ought to be captioned in the same language in the Internet !