New: COSMOPOLIS Robert Pattinson poster now in better quality

Here it is. Better quality version of the previous LQ version of the ‘Cosmopolis’ film promotion poster featuring Robert Pattinson as Eric Packer. Has the limo ever looked better?

*note from Chauffeur M*

I was doing a little investigating on the details of the poster that really excite me.  Mainly, the font!!  The font the designers chose is Futura, which is a brilliant choice.  It’s a very modern-looking, well-known font that consists of a lot of geometric shapes.  The O’s are near-perfect circles, but not quite. 😉  So I guess we could say they’re asymmetrical!  The font was designed in 1927 and fit right in with the Bauhaus design movement.  Bauhaus loosely translated means “School of Building.”  Seems like that fits well with Eric Packer too, non?

Because I think all fonts should be properly represented…I played around with the poster a bit to make it a little more clear.  Did you guys see the watch?? Enjoy!

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