David Cronenberg talks about an untamed Cosmopolis and “giving the movie what it needs to be good”

In a Q&A with the Boston Globe, David Cronenberg briefly mentioned Cosmopolis:

Q. Are you getting tamer as you age?

A. I absolutely don’t think so. You’ll see “Cosmopolis’’ and tell me! I know exactly what you mean, though, and I take no offense. I see a script and give it what it wants. I could have gone crazy with this film and staged dream sequences, for example. But, no, this is the talking cure. The whole point was that people would express their dreams through talking. So rather than thinking of tameness or not, I’m thinking of giving the movie what it needs to be good.

He’s referring to A Dangerous Method in the remainder of the question (“dream sequences” & “talking cure”). Click HERE to read the article in it’s entirety.

2012. The year of the untamed. 😉