Pattinson-Cronenberg pairing is “pretty special” & Cosmopolis is an “unmissable cultural treat”

UPDATE: There was also a quick mention of Cosmopolis on Moviehole‘s top 25 most anticipated films of 2012:

7. Cosmopolis

Say what you will, Robert Pattinson is the still clandestine talent of the Twilight franchise. Coupled with director David Cronenberg, he might finally be able to convince the cynics of that.

Cosmopolis made The Independent’s (UK) “unmissable cultural treats” for 2012:


A multi-millionaire young stockbroker heads across Manhattan in a limousine to have a haircut. It may not sound like much of a starting point for a film but David Cronenberg’s screen version of Don DeLillo’s novel promises to be a sleek and disturbing satire about narcissism and modernity. Robert Pattinson stars as the self-absorbed anti-hero.

Release date: TBC

Other films on the list: Django Unchained, Great Expectations, Rust and Bone, The Great Gatsby, Skyfall, Anna Karenina, The Dark Knight Rises, Cloud Atlas, Under the Skin, & Bel Ami

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The Guardian (UK) named Cosmopolis among their 50 biggest films to watch in 2012:

Robert Pattinson already looks to be forging the most interesting post-Twilight career of its leads, and here he teams up with David Cronenberg for an adaptation of Don DeLillo’s 2003 novel. Cosmopolis is a modern answer to Joyce’s Ulysses: one day in the life of asset manager Eric Packer, who loses billions of dollars in the financial markets in a 24-hour period as his limo traverses New York.

The Guardian also posted about the future for franchise stars in Harry Potter and Twilight. Cosmopolis was mentioned:

Later in the year we should be getting Cosmopolis, another literary adaptation (of Don DeLillo’s 2003 novel), which has Pattinson as a mega-rich asset manager stuck in a limo for 24 hours. The director is David Cronenberg, so chances are this will be pretty special.

Pretty special indeed. Click HERE to read the article in its entirety.

Thank you Selma for the heads up on The Guardian!