Are you busy this weekend? Can you spare a trigger finger? Vote for Cosmopolis!

MTV has these crazy polls that make online fanbases go nuts. Their latest has been the MTV Movie Brawl. The poll started out with these questions:

What film are you most excited to see in 2012? Which film is the must-see film of 2012?

It started with 32 movies and Cosmopolis was a wildcard pick, meaning…it wasn’t even in the initial 32 movies. It was nominated to be one of 5 more movies included in the Brawl.

But now it’s made it all the way to the final. 🙂

It beat guaranteed, box office titans, Breaking Dawn Part 2 and Dark Knight Rises, and both of these movies are the last for their franchise (Batman will likely reboot down the road but not under with Chris Nolan at the helm). Cosmopolis has been the little film that could. Now it’s up against the last franchise standing, The Hunger Games.

Being realistic, we know it’s Robert Pattinson fans that have kept Cosmopolis alive. We also know the poll won’t have much bearing on the success of the film in the long run. However, it’s still MTV which reaches a lot of eyes and it’s free publicity.

Without a trailer or clip from the film, a potential release date almost 12 months away, 1 official still, 3 unofficial stills, and an unofficial/official banner/poster/teaser/who-knows-er…Cosmopolis has done pretty damn good against a widely-promoted film out in less than two months.

The support for this film, the articles written, and the positive publicity is enough to make every limo passenger proud. 🙂

The race is tight and will continue to be tight. Every vote counts. If you’re mobile, click HERE for easy voting. Click HERE to visit MTV to vote. Otherwise, here’s the poll to get you going.

 Voting ends 5pm ET Monday, January 23rd.

Now Nancy Babich the hell out that poll! BANG! 😉