“It charts.” Cosmopolis wins MTV Movie Brawl! Paul Giamatti comments: “Holy cow, that’s astounding!”

UPDATE: Sarah ‘Elise’ Gadon tweeted a shoutout for the win πŸ™‚

  • blondemel47

    Well done Cosmopolis. Well done to all ladies voting on behalf of Rob!!! YAY!!!

  • Fantastic news…Should bring in lots of publicity….Go Rob!! Go!!

  • Debbe V

    That is AWESOME! Dom Delillo’s book was amazing after reading the teen-romance books (Twilight, Hunger Games). Let the grown-ups be heard. We are all so excited to see this action/sexy-drama!!

  • Teri Cotter

    Way to go. I know myself I must have voted at least 20 times. Thank you for the heads up that this poll was even out there.

  • Cool! COOL! COOOOOOOL! Yet another special thing for this special movie.
    So great to see how Giamatti got all excited about it. Can’t watch the vid of course, gonna just use my cosmonutty visualization skills…

  • Cosmopolis Italia

    is Perfect!

  • Great PR for Cosmopolis. Good reaction from PG. Yes, we need David Cronenberg on the phone. He is probably more shocked about the outcome than THG fans!

  • Way to go. Thanks, Tink.

  • Sus

    YES!!! *fist-pump* Can’t wait to see it! It’s not being shown at Sundance, is it????

  • Jen Robinson

    The power of Robert Pattinson’s fans! πŸ˜€ I’m so happy for the whole cast and crew, and I can’t wait to see the movie!

  • WAYmazing! Good crew. Good crew. Now if we can just translate this kind of enthusiasm at the box office he’ll be unstoppable.

  • Kim

    This is amazing! I love Paul’s reaction and Josh’s excitement. It speaks volumes about the power and dedication of Rob’s fans. really, I’m amazed, I would never have thought Cosmopolis stood a chance against something so huge as the Hunger Games!

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