ARTICLE: David Cronenberg mentions Cosmopolis: “Suddenly there it was and I wanted to make it”

David Cronenberg spoke to the Guardian (UK) about A Dangerous Method and also mentioned Cosmopolis. Excerpted:

Uncharacteristically, after A Dangerous Method, Cronenberg went straight on to another movie: an adaptation of Don DeLillo’s novella Cosmopolis, starring Twilight’s Robert Pattinson. The story is set entirely inside a billionaire’s limousine, cruising around New York. Cronenberg looks as surprised as anyone that he moved so fast. “Usually I take three or four years between movies, but suddenly there it was and I wanted to make it. I haven’t turned my back on my past, but when I’m making a new movie, my other movies are irrelevant. The critics think about your imprint, or your sensibility. ‘Is it Cronenbergesque or not?’ But creatively that doesn’t give me anything. It’s nice to be an adjective, but it can also be a trap.”

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  • Kazrob

    I’m so happy that “suddenly, there it was”
    Even happier that he decided to make it.
    Absolutely ecstatic that he chose Rob to star in it.

  • Kim

    Good choice indeed. I need to see more of Cronenberg’s movies so I will have a handle on all this stomach churning. I like it when somebody who’s known for something in particular says hey watch this move.