VIDEO: Jay Baruchel talks about working with David Cronenberg being the Holy Grail for Canadian horror fans

UPDATE: Adding YouTube of the interview

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Some countries, LIKE CANADA, can’t view this video so here’s the article from MTV:

David Cronenberg’s next film, “Cosmopolis,” may have won MTV’s Movie Brawl thanks to the support of die-hard Robert Pattinson fans, but one of his co-stars told MTV News the film will be far from what Twilighters are expecting.

While promoting “Goon,” a film he stars in and co-wrote, Jay Baruchel shared his experiences working for a short period of time on the Manhattan set of “Cosmopolis.” Unfortunately for the Pattinson fans out there, according to Baruchel, Cronenberg’s next movie might be too strange for them.

“An exceedingly strange movie,” Baruchel said, describing “Cosmopolis.” “All the Team Edward girls won’t be seeing this one, I don’t think.”

For Baruchel, working with Cronenberg — who made a name for himself with horror films — was a dream come true. “Basically, it was that Cronenberg is a hero of mine. I’m a Canadian boy. I love horror. That’s all I want to do,” Baruchel said. “If you’re a Canadian horror fan, Cronenberg’s the Holy Grail.”

The opportunity for Baruchel came about in a rather mundane way, but his reaction to it was anything but. “I was in Manhattan last year, keeping my lady company, and they called up and were like, ‘Hey, do you want to do two days on this new Cronenberg?’ I said, ‘Yep!’ ‘Wait, wait. We’ll send you the script.’ I couldn’t care less; what I’m playing is a means to an end. I just want to go and film-nerd-out about ‘Videodrome’ with him for two days.”

The actual experience of working with Cronenberg did not disappoint. “Not only did I get to go and be a fly on the wall for two days and watch one of my heroes do his thing, I actually had the pleasure being directed by him,” Baruchel said. “Coolest thing ever.”

  • abinar

    Oh Mr. Baruchel, do not underestimate the power of Rob.

  • Team Robert Pattinson girls will be there though!

  • insat

    I agree with him completely. It’s exactly what Pattinson suggested in 2008, I think. All these Twilight fan base claiming they love (sic!) Robert is Edward’s fan base only, not Pattinson’s. They do not watch his other movies, if they had, they would make millions in box-office. Yet, they do like to take a peek and make filming miserable buy spying on the set, screaming, etc. It’s hypocritical and pathetic as hell. I hope that Cosmopolis will give Pattinson the chance to really show his skills and that’s the only thing that matters. No offence, Cosmopolis is not a movie or a book a teenage team-Edward-Twihard can – or even would try to – comprehend.