Oscar Buzz starting early for Cosmopolis

The Oscars are a year away but Cosmopolis has already entered the realm of possibility where Indie Wire is concerned.

While still considered a long shot, The Playlist noted the film had a chance in the Best Picture and Best Actor categories.

Excerpt from article titled, We Prematurely Predict The 2013 Best Picture Oscar Nominees:

Also In The Mix: We think those above are the most likely, but there’s plenty more to consider as well. For instance, could the Wachowskis’ bold gamble with “Cloud Atlas” pay off? Might Brad Pitt take Andrew Dominik to gold with “Cogan’s Trade”? Might the presence of R-Patz give David Cronenberg the kind of glory that he missed out with “A Dangerous Method” this time around with “Cosmopolis?” Or what about Derek Cianfrance’s reunion with Ryan Gosling in “The Place Beyond The Pines”?

Excerpt from article titled, We Prematurely Predict Best Actor & Actress At The 2013 Academy Awards, under “Long Shots”:

Robert Pattinson – “Cosmopolis”
Starring in a David Cronenberg film has never been the way to Oscar, but “A Dangerous Method” was certainly the director’s most palatable film to date (some would argue too much so…), and things won’t get too much freakier in his Don DeLillo adaptation. Indeed, the lead role, of a limo-bound billionaire, has the potential to be a real tour de force. But will Robert Pattinson be able to gain real respect by pulling it off? Word on “Bel Ami” from Berlin was fairly weak, but we’re genuinely rooting for him to pull this one off. We suspect even if he does that this won’t be a nomination year for him, but you never know.

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