ARTICLE: Denise Cronenberg talks about costume design & MORE: “Working with David, it’s simple and unique.”

Sarah Gadon as Elise Shifrin (Photo credit: Caitlin Cronenberg)

Costume designer, Denise Cronenberg, sat down and spoke to The Genteel about her work on A Dangerous Method but the interview as a whole was insightful about the craft. There is a quick Cosmopolis reference towards the end (specifically about Robert Pattinson) but if you’re interested in costume design and what’s it like working with her brother, Denise’s interview is a great one.

You can read the full interview from The Genteel here.  Here’s what Denise has to say about working with her brother, David Cronenberg and Robert Pattinson:

PAL: How has the industry changed since you began working alongside David?

DC: Working with David, it’s simple and unique. He knows what he wants, and it’s intuitive. [The industry is] a lot nastier now. Again, this is not about David’s pictures, and I don’t say that just because he’s my brother – everyone will say that. Working with him is collaborative, and you discuss things as adults.

Other movies, it’s not like that. Bigger movies – million-dollar ones – it’s a whole different world. Maybe it’s the recession, and it can’t be a really easy experience. I’ve felt like I’ve been used, and I question whether I’m necessary because there are so many people who have a say these days.

PAL: You must get asked a lot about working with a certain teen heartthrob on the upcoming Cosmopolis.

DC: Oh, Rob? Poor guy had to stay in his trailer the whole time. That’s not what I call fun. But he’s a dream to work with. What a terrific kid.

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