Getting Closer: ‘Cosmopolis’ Cannes Film Fest date appears in ‘Film Francais’

This sounds virtually confirmed to me… and the chauffeurs LOVE the date May 23rd. Full circle – it charts. 

From The Playlist:

Our friends over at Cinema Teaser have alerted us to a couple of interesting new release date announcements. According to Le Film Francais (which is essentially like a French version of Variety) Jacques Audiard’s “Rust And Bone” and David Cronenberg‘s “Cosmopolis” have been given May 17th and May 23rd release dates respectively, putting them right in the middle of the Cannes Film Festival. At this point, premieres for both films seems like a certainty.

In the case of “Cosmopolis,” before the end of the year, David Cronenbergtold us that he was finishing the sound mix for the film (which pretty much means it’s nearing the finish line), while producer Gregoire Melin told Cineuropa last month that he is “counting on” the film showing up on the Croisette. Now with a release date pegged, it seems all the pieces are lining up. David Cronenberg hasn’t been back to Cannes since “A History Of Violence” in 2005, so they’ll be glad to have him back.

Film Francais

  • Lets hope so!!! This is getting exciting!!!

  • I can’t take it.

  • So give me the scoop. It gets released over there then when is it released elsewhere? Does it have to be bought or something?

  • Oui! Oui Cannes Do Rob Deux! 🙂

  • Kim

    Does it means it’s released in Cannes just for the festival (as it often happens), then then it’s released nationwide in France and/or in other countries at a date which is yet unknown? Many films get their premiere in Cannes and then get only released nationwide or worldwide only several months after. Does anyone know how this works?

    • Yes, the showing at Cannes will be for the festival only. Theatre release dates will be separate (and later) than the early festivals… I believe the earliest theatrical date is Aug 30 in Australia? That’s off the top of my head though, no quoting. We’ll get a page up soon once there are more confirmed dates. 🙂

      • Kim

        Thank you so much for the info!! I just can’t wait for the Cannes confirmation. Wow – when you think of it, it’s absolutely wonderful, Rob having hirs first movie shown in Cannes – way to go!!

  • younglove

    Robert is reportedly a fan of Audiard…