Manhole Monday – Week 30

Thirty weeks, you guys.  That’s 120 different photos from all over the world!  Pretty neat, wouldn’t you say?

Thanks to everyone who stepped it up and sent in some new manhole covers last week.  We got some great submissions!  First up is a photo from Virginia that I like to call, DOMINION. Assertive manhole covers are assertive.  The cover from Sweden has the letter K hidden in the gravel.  I’ve been told that the K stands for “Kombinationsbrunn” which means “Combination Well.”  We’ve got another triangle cover, this time from New Zealand.  Lastly, I like the yellow paint on the cover from San Diego.

I can still use any photos you guys want to send, so please send them in!  You can email them to us at

Enjoy your Monday!

  • LOL “Assertive manhole covers are assertive”.

    Love them all, especially the Swedish one… because I want to go to there. 🙂

  • New Zealand! Nice.

  • wow 30 weeks already?! keep up the good work 😉