Alfama confirms French ‘Cosmopolis’ Facebook page; Teaser on tap for tomorrow morning!

UPDATE #3: I wonder how many updates we’ll have today. 😉 Everyone wants to know the time the teaser will appear but that question is being ignored at the moment. A fan DID ask how long the teaser will be and Cosmopolis – Le Film teased us right back and said: More than 10 seconds 😉

UPDATE #2: The teaser will have both versions: original form (English) AND French. A fan asked the French Cosmopolis Facebook about subtitles or in French:

VOST et VF means: les versions sous-titrées et la version française. That translates to: the subtitled versions and the French version. The teaser will have both according to the facebook page.

UPDATE: The French Cosmopolis Facebook said the teaser will happen in the morning! (French morning: 5 hours ahead of ET & 8 hours ahead PST)

Exciting to see the French ‘Cosmopolis’ Facebook page linked at the Alfama site. 🙂 Even better, we get a “tease” tomorrow! Seeing is believing so we bring you screencaps. Now, get over to the Facebook page, Like it! Comment! Tell them how excited you are to be teased by Eric Packer! #excite