Martin Katz, Cosmopolis Producer, Identifies the Eric Packer Watch: Chanel

From Don DeLillo’s Cosmopolis:

He looked at his watch. He happened to glance at his watch. There it was on his wrist, with a crocodile band, between the napkins stuck to his wound and the yellow pencil tourniquet. But the watch wasn’t showing the time. There was an image, a face on the crystal, and it was his. This meant he’d activated the electron camera unintentionally, maybe when he shot himself. The camera was a device so microscopically refined it was almost pure information. It was almost metaphysics. It operated inside the watch body, collecting images in the immediate vicinity and displaying them on the crystal.

The watch is not just a watch in Cosmopolis. If you read the book, you know this (recall the final line as well). We were excited when we first saw it on Robert Pattinson during filming and we were more excited when we saw it make an appearance on the 1st poster.

With the release of the new French poster today, the watch is even more visible in color.

Denise Cronenberg said in a recent interview that Eric Packer was in head to toe Gucci. We dropped a quick line to producer, Martin Katz, to tell him the new poster looked fantastic and asked about the watch. He confirmed the watch is by Chanel. It looks like a Classic J12 Chromatic to me but you can check it out yourself HERE. Mr. Packer and his fine things. 😉

Thank you, Martin!