NEW: French ‘Cosmopolis’ poster featuring Robert Pattinson

It’s here! New poster from the French Cosmopolis Facebook featuring Robert Pattinson as a pensive Eric Packer.

What do you think? Are you loving the cool, new, blue Eric? We are.

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  • Great poster! I am currently reading “Cosmopolis,” and it is so strange! Not sure I’d see this movie if Rob wasn’t in it. I totally picture him in the role, tho’….he will be great!

  • im1luckywoman

    This poster is so much better. I LOVE the clarity of it and…I especially love his hands here. They actually look like HIS hands. If you look at the hands in the other poster, they are NOT like Rob’s (they are yucky!).

  • younglove

    Very artisitc poster, like all the drama going on behind the limo, and just noticed the rat.

  • iloveurob

    I like this poster too. I think the other one might be a little more poetic and more symbolic in relation to the story, but this one is a little more visually appealing. my sexy beast looks good in both posters. Love you Rob!!!