Interview: Juliette Binoche talks filming ‘Cosmopolis’ with Robert Pattinson, David Cronenberg

An excerpt from Vanity Fair. Fans of Juliette will want to read the full interview which discusses her latest project, Elles.

Let’s talk about your upcoming David Cronenberg–directed film, Cosmopolis, which stars Robert Pattinson. What’s your role?

I’m an art dealer. I only shot two days. The whole film takes place in a car. There are some scenes outside, but mostly it takes place in a limo. Cronenberg placed Robert on one seat, and I was the mover in the scene, so he let me improvise. It was fascinating to see how they would take time to light the car. It was like an art form almost, a painting. His [cinematographer], Peter Suschitzky, is very precise in that way.

Robert was stunned to be taken by Cronenberg, because he didn’t think he could do it. But Cronenberg believed in him. It’s amazing—a director sometimes makes you do bigger things than you imagine. You need to have, like, a midwife to give birth. You need this midwife in order to grow, and imagine these new layers in yourself.

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