VIDEO: Eric Maddox details the events that led to the capture of Saddam Hussein

Eric Maddox, the military interrogator credited with masterminding the capture of Saddam Husein, spoke in detail at a TEDx event about the mission. The seminar gives a clear timeline and insight into the strategies used by Maddox. The narrative is engaging and suspenseful. If you don’t check out the book, definitely watch the video.

From the TEDx YouTube channel:

Eric Maddox is the military interrogator that has been credited with masterminding the capture of Saddam Hussein. Sgt. Maddox authored the book “Mission Blacklist” about his experience in Iraq. He spoke to TEDxOKC about his idea that, in the future, wars could end much quicker (thus more lives saved) with increased emphasis and training in the area of interrogation and intelligence gathering.