EXCLUSIVE: Promotional One Sheet for ‘Mission: Blacklist’ ~ “In a world of lies, only one man could see the truth”

We just saw a sneak peek featuring Robert Patttinson’s eyes but now we can exclusively share the full promotional one-sheet for Mission: Blacklist!

GREAT tagline! 🙂 Check out our ‘The Film‘ page to read more about the synopsis.

The Hollywood Reporter also posted about MB being one of the films shopped at Cannes Film Festival:

A slew of new titles wll be offered to foreign distributors at the Cannes Film Market. A look at some of the hot projects waiting in the wings.

Mission: Blacklist

Starring: Robert Pattinson
Director: Jean-Stephane Sauvaire (attached)
Sales Company: Embankment Films

This psychological thriller is based on the true story of the man who spearheaded the capture of Saddam Hussein. In pre-production.

This one-sheet is likely part of the promotional materials heading to Cannes. How excited are you?? 🙂