VIDEO: Jean-Stephane Sauvaire talks about the industry, the power of cinema, and more

Mission: Black List director, Jean-Stephane Sauvaire, shared his thoughts in this video on the industry today as well as advice for future filmmakers.

YouTube video summary:

French film director Jean-Stephane Sauvaire talks briefly about the industry of modern cinema and gives advice for the aspiring filmmaker.

Sauvaire also spoke at length with The Filmlot during the promotion of his film, Johnny Mad Dog. The excerpts are mainly his views on filmmaking and you can see why Mission: Black List is a project he wanted to be attached to.

What ignited your interest in filmmaking?

Maybe it was just the desire to tell stories you’ve never seen before – to tell stories that we don’t want to see – in this case, child soldiers. No one wants to show this reality because it’s brutal; it’s quite difficult to watch. I think cinema has to show the things that we don’t always want to see. I think [cinema] doesn’t only have to be entertainment, but can also show the world as it actually is. For me, cinema has the power to not only show the reality of the world, but can sometimes change it.

Do you have any nuggets of wisdom from this last experience that you’d like to share with new filmmakers out there?

I’d say you have to be patient. It took five years to do this movie – from writing the script to the end – so you have to be dedicated and willing to sacrifice to do this job. It’s not a usual job, so it gives you a lot of happiness but it’s not so easy, and you have to sacrifice most things. Since twelve or thirteen, I dreamed about making movies… now I’m in my forties, so imagine all the time it takes to make the first feature film! It’s quite long. So the only thing is to always keep in mind what you want to do and to be patient. Anybody can make a movie if they’re patient… It’s just a question of time and patience. That’s the only advice I can give! (Laughs)

Click HERE to read the entire interview. He is speaking mainly about his work with Johnny Mad Dog but you still get a better impression of the director.

If you are interested in seeing Johnny Mad Dog, it is available in full on YouTube HERE.