CANNES: Variety mentions ‘Mission: Blacklist’ among films hoping to sell at the festival

A recent article in Variety about new sales agents heading to Cannes, briefly mentioned the Mission: Blacklist team going to the festival. An excerpt:

Marc Schipper, chief operating officer for Exclusive Media, says that with the six majors making fewer and fewer non-tentpole titles, a fallow space exists for the indie sector.

“I think it’s symptomatic of a broader trend, which bodes well for economy (both broader and indie film),” he adds. “There’s a lot of private wealth looking for a home.”

Preferred Content is using Embankment at Cannes for sales of its recently announced military thriller “Mission: Blacklist,” starring Robert Pattinson. Ross M. Dinerstein, managing partner of Preferred Content, is producing alongside Erik Jendresen and Kevin Waller.

Let the Games begin.

A little more info about Preferred Content:

Founded in January 2010 by former CAA agent Kevin Iwashina and independent producer Ross Dinerstein, Preferred Content is a film, television and digital production, sales and finance company. Its production expertise lies in the independent financing of film and television content. Its sales efforts have resulted in it being one of the premiere brokers of worldwide rights for film, television, DVD and digital distribution. Its finance expertise allows it to represent corporations, privately held companies and high net worth individuals needing counsel in the area of film finance and distribution.

And Embankment:

We are a bespoke company, combining licensing, sales and distribution with high quality marketing. Embankment enables filmmakers to structure the financing of their films with financiers and international distributors.