CANNES: Cosmopolis performances keep being mentioned as the ones to watch!

The Cannes Film Festival has kicked off and all eyes are on Cosmopolis. 🙂

CBCnews talked about 8 Canadians to watch at the festival and Cosmopolis scored 3 out of the 8:

The Cannes Film Festival, that star-studded reverie on the French Riviera, begins May 16, and this year’s lineup features an impressive slate of Canadian talent.

The Canuck contingent this year includes a legendary provocateur and his filmmaking son, two acting ingénues and some hot young talent from Quebec.

David Cronenberg

Canada’s master of psychological drama has been to Cannes countless times, but this year’s offering has more marquee appeal than usual.

Based on a slim but potent novel by Don DeLillo, Cosmopolis stars Twilight hunk Robert Pattinson as a billionaire New York asset manager who encounters a disturbing cast of characters during one indelible day in New York.

The quick pitch: American Psycho meets Occupy Wall Street.

Emily Hampshire

This actress, who has appeared in movies such as The Trotsky and Snowcake, has a key role in Cosmopolis.

While in Cannes, Hampshire and Gadon will also be the recipients of the first inaugural Birks Canadian Diamond, an award presented by the Canadian diamond retailer to “recognize the accomplishments of up-and-coming Canadian talent who allow our country to be celebrated on the international stage.”

Sarah Gadon

Although not biologically related, this young actress is very much part of the Cronenberg cohort at Cannes this year.

Having attracted significant attention as Carl Jung’s cuckolded wife in Cronenberg senior’s 2011 film, A Dangerous Method, Gadon also appears in his dark new drama, Cosmopolis. She plays an even more prominent role in Brandon Cronenberg’s debut, Antiviral.

Excerpted from Indiewire, ’10 Actors to Watch at Cannes’:

Sarah Gadon (Cosmopolis, Antiviral)

Why You May Know Her: The 25-year-old Canadian actress has been acting since she was 10, mostly on Canadian television. But last year people outside her native country took considerable notice with her work in David Cronenberg’s “A Dangerous Method,” where she played Emma Jung opposite Michael Fassbender’s Carl Jung.

What Cannes Could Mean For Her: The Cronenberg family seems determined to see Gadon break out at Cannes this year, with both David and his son Brandon bringing films to the fest starring the actress. In Cronenberg Sr.’s “Cosmopolis,” she plays the wife of Robert Pattinson’s billionaire lead character, while Brandon gives her a more primary role as a superstar infected by a virus.

What’s Next? She’ll be in Denis Villeneuve’s “An Enemy” — his follow-up to “Incendies,” which co-stars Jake Gyllenhaal, Melanie Laurent and Isabella Rossellini. Shooting starts on May 22.

Are you in Paris and want to take a master class with David Cronenberg? May 30th, David and Robert Pattinson will be in Paris for a screening of Cosmopolis but David will also be giving a master class in honor of the film. Click HERE if you live in the city and want to go!