Why can’t I find ‘Mission: Black List #1’ in my bookstore? Some answers from the ‘terps…

Catch me if you can

We originally planned to have our discussion group for Mission: Black List #1 start today but we postponed the series. Why? Because it seems like Mission: Black List #1 is as hard to find as Saddam Hussein.

When Robert Pattinson was initially announced to play Eric Maddox in the film, the book was readily available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and you could purchase the eBook for Kindle and iBooks. I was lucky to grab it right away for iBooks and ‘terp M snagged it at the library.

About a week later, the book was pulled from Kindle and iBooks and a new, hardcopy of the book was off the main retailers lists. If you visit Amazon or B&N, you’ll see it’s 3rd party sellers offering the book and most in used condition.

We contacted an independent bookstore that reached out to their distributor for more info. They were told the book has been pulled by the publisher indefinitely. That may sound the book is off the grid but the distributor explained that it could mean the book is pulled for a re-issue, a new edition and/or copyright adjustments.

Rob: I already have my copy :)

Since Pattinson became attached, there has been much attention to the film and book so it’s not hard to believe that the publishers want to re-issue the book. Possibly announcing the film? Waiting for the movie-tie in cover? Giving it a re-edit now that all eyes are on Mission: Black List #1? This is exciting and we’ll continue to watch for the re-release of the book.

We are going to start our discussion group by next month as well as do a script review after the discussion group series. The book and script have notable (clever) differences. If you are seeking to capture the book and join our discussion group, here are a few options for you to find the elusive book:

  • Buy the UK version. Same book. Different title. Capturing Saddam: The Hunt for Saddam Hussein–as Told by the Unlikely Interrogator Who Spearheaded the Mission. Click HEREto purchase.

    UK version
  • Buy it used from Amazon or B&N. It’s under $20 from both retailers. HERE for Amazon. HERE for B&N.
  • Check bookfinder.com HERE and indiebound.com HERE for other retailers. You might even find a local indie bookstore with one, last copy on a dusty bookshelf, hidden in an underground hole.
  • Follow us on twitter to enter our giveaway. We’re close to 1,000 followers and we’ll give the book away as a contest when we hit that number.

Good luck on your search! We will prevail and earn our seat at the bar. 😉

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  • My copy arrived yesterday. I can’t wait to start reading it 🙂

    • tinkrbe1l3

      Great! People are just starting to get their copy 🙂

  • Holy cow….so glad I snagged a copy before it got difficult to find!! Been reading too & this movie is going to be amazing!!!

  • My first comment on this site–hello to all and a big Thank You for all the info posted so far!!

    First, has the script been posted somewhere? How is it different? I enjoyed seeing the differences between the script/book for WFE, for instance, so this is interesting to me.

    Second, some ebooks can be “loaned out” to another kindle, so I will check to see if this is the case with mine. Happy to give someone else a chance to read it!

  • I’d like to thank you, Tink, for the valuable information on the book and the best way to order it. It’s easier to order from UK if we are in Europe and this is what I did, I will have the long-titled version published in England.
    While I am here, may I congratulate you on the new site – it looks Fabulous!

    • tinkrbe1l3

      I’m late to replying to this but thank you 🙂