CANNES: Robert Pattinson at the ‘On The Road’ premiere with his sunglasses on + Interview and MORE

Eric Packer is in the limo! Robert Pattinson has arrived to Cannes and hit the premiere of On The Road…with his sunglasses on. 🙂

We can’t wait to see him with the Cosmopolis family on Friday. Big day in the limo!

The video cameras snapped Rob while he was on the red carpet and caught up with him at one point for a quick interview. He also jokes that this was a test run for his Cosmopolis premiere on Friday.


How are you tonight?
Rob: Great, Very excited about the movie
Is it important for you to be here to support Kristen?
(Rob mishears him)
Rob: Is it a problem? No not a problem
No is it important for you to be here to support the movie & to support Kristen?
Rob:Ya I’ve seen the movie before and it’s great and i’m looking forward to seeing it again and I’m looking forward to seeing everyone there. Hope they appreciate it.
Friday it is your turn with with David Cronenberg movie. Was it like a rehearsal for you tonight?
Rob: Not yea I wanted a practice run.

Canal+ tweeted that Rob and Sarah Gadon will be on Le Grand Journal tomorrow. We’ll see what the interview brings. We can’t tell if they will be together or separate. Click HERE for livestream. Times of the show: 7:10PM CET / 6:10 GMT/ 1:10PM EST /10:10AM PST

A few more pictures of Rob on the OTR red carpet

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