Photos and video from the Cosmopolis press conference in Cannes

The Cosmopolis team answered questions at the Cannes press conference this morning. Here are a few photos and a link to the full press conference.

Click HERE to watch the press conference in it’s entirety.

Red carpet for the world premiere of Cosmopolis in a few hours. Excite.

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  • younglove

    Cronenberg: every person that comes into the limo is an additional singer in the choir…the hope is in the art. Robert notes the line, when I die I will not end, the world will end. Really interesting to watch, and I was sympathetic with how uncomfortable DeLillo felt! Both Cronenberg and Pattinson understood also that the while it is easy to posit that the film is about big themes of capitalism/the end of a system, for them it was more important to approach Packer as a human being, that the movie is about his individual journey.

  • dee265

    I have to admit like most of us I watched the press conference to see Rob. I am sitting here a stunned mess after listening to Mr Cronenberg. What an amazing man. I could listen to him all day. After hearing all that was said and reading all of the comments and reviews I’m so emotional and full of pride for Rob, MR.C and the film. What an amazing journey this has been. Thank you to all of you that have worked so hard to bring this to us.
    I pray it doesn’t take too long to get to the states.