Videos: Nine, yes NINE new Cosmopolis clips released by eOne

Major spoiler alert. In fact, you should see me trying to post these without watching them! Let us know in the comments if you are watching all the clips or waiting for your big screen viewing.

The rest of the clips after the jump

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  • Rory

    Definitely watched the clips. Watching all the clips, as long as I don’t watch one of the final scene, does not soil the movie for me… In fact the opposite is true. It only makes me want to see it MORE. “I want more, give me more!”

    • I’ve seen 4 of the 9 clips. I think. I’ll end up caving and watching them all by the end of the day… lol No self control.

  • Meg

    Love them all! I cannot wait to see this movie. RP is incredible.

    • It’s great to hear all the praise for Rob’s performance. It’s like watching the world wake up.

  • Insat

    This is brilliant, yet, it’s a movie that some people want to watch because of ‘the naked woman in the trailer’ (these will leave the cinema after 20 min like they did in France). Others who ‘get it’ (because it is difficult material) will enjoy it enormously. The reviews are very extreme at both ends of the YES/NO axis. It may be a very good thing actually, since Cronenberg said a few weeks ago that the worst thing for him is to say of his movie that it is OK. Then people forget it quickly. At least Pattinson is mostly praised, even in many negative reviews. People who do not know DeLillo’s work, Cronenberg style and the book itself will find it very difficult to follow the dialogue in the movie which will make them bored and annoyed, I guess, and thus, they will slash the movie itself.

    • Agree. I love when people use the word “dense” in their reviews; it’s deep, layered material and like David said, Rob can’t play a concept, he is playing a man which is a serious change from DeLillo’s Packer. I only “got” the book on one or two levels and am approaching the film knowing I’ll have to see it a few times to scratch the surface of what Cronenberg is doing.

  • 4tlashes4erimus

    I am unable to restrain myself…I watch all the clips…repeatedly!!

    • I’m five minutes from cracking… 😉

  • Oh gosh,If you string them altogether by following the book,we’ll nearly have the whole movie,Lol…So excited,can’t wait to see the movie.

    • I thought that too and I avoided but they’re all under a minute. I caved. I watched them all. lol

  • susanrsm

    No self control here! Watched all 9. I can’t wait to watch it in it’s entirety! 🙂

  • eligit

    having read the book and knowing how the story (such as it is) goes, and also knowing that this is a piece about tone, layered content, and style, rather than plot/conventional character arcs etc….i have watched all the clips. plot spoilers are a total non issue. fascinatingly oblique stuff. it is like looking at selected individual paintings at an exhibition. thanks for sharing them.