LONDON: Robert Pattinson and David Cronenberg spark excitement and interest with Cosmopolis Q and A events

The London events for Cosmopolis were 2 great Q&A sessions with David Cronenberg and Robert Pattinson. The first event, Meet the Filmmakers, took place at the Regent St. Apple Store. The second Q&A followed the screening of Cosmopolis hosted by Curzon Cinemas. Some great photos were captured and the Q&As were fun and informative. The audience responded well to the Cosmopolis screening and London was another successful stop on the European Press Tour.

The final stop – Toronto! The film will premiere in Canada on June 4th. 🙂

The Q&As brought out many tweets but the host for the second event, Curzon Cinemas, had the most detail and focused on the actual responses:

Tweets and videos after the jump

We didn’t get many live tweets from the Apple event so after these few, go ahead and check out the videos.

Video portions of the Apple event

The events held at the Apple store usually release a podcast. We’ll post when available.

Video portion of the Curzon Cinema Q&A

Full audio in the first video and it contains spoilers

Click HERE if you’d like to read some transcript

The Paris event on May 30th also had a mini Q&A and more of the introduction was loaded to YouTube

B&W pics: Gina Aitchison | Color: Source

  • simplydazzled1

    Love the pic inside the Curzon, we were there and I can spot one of our group (and mum and dad P!

    It was an amazing event and I feel incredibly lucky to have been able to see the film and attend the Q&A with some good friends. Rob was incredible in the film.

    Sadly the contrast between the Apple event and the Curzon event was only too evident when you compare the pics. We were aware that some rough looking autograph hunters were hanging around, but later found out that they had chased and attacked Rob’s car (he was a little late arriving) and he did look visibly upset at times. Shame on them. Rob was very professional but not at his smiley best as he had clearly been an hour earlier.

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