PHOTOS: David Cronenberg and Cosmopolis cast during George Stroumboulopoulos taping + details

The cast of Cosmopolis will be on George and Canadian personality, Casie Stewart, had some cool details to share.

  • I loved seeing the human side of these people. It was inspiring.
  • These actors made me think about myself, my career, my life. It’s really quite magnificent to be in the same room and hear them candidly speak about their lives, insecurities, and work.
  • [Pattinson] was modest and slightly soft spoken.
  • The confidence [Cronenberg] has in his work and artistic ability to create is insanely motivating and attractive, professionally.
  • [Giamatti] defined himself as being a bit weird and enjoys playing random characters that show up in movies playing a poignant role.
  • The special episode of GEORGE STROUMBOULOPOULOS TONIGHT will air on CBC on Thursday, June 7 at 11:05 p.m. (11:35 p.m. NT).

These were only highlights. Click HERE to read more about Casis Stewart’s experience watching David, Rob and Paul during the George Stroumboulopoulos taping.

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