REVIEW: “Cosmopolis is a look inside a brilliant mind”, “On some level it’s a dark comedy”

Chauffeur Deb and I saw Cosmopolis on Monday and our review is coming soon. In the meantime, Moviefone Canada, came up with an essential list of what you should know about Cosmopolis. Their last note was the one I liked the best:

Cosmopolis is a look inside a brilliant mind, but also a voyeuristic insight into what it might be like to lose it all. We’ve put together a bunch of things you need to know about the movie, just in case you were expecting something else entirely.

On Some Level, This Is A Comedy (A Dark One)
While overall the tone of this movie is dark and foreboding, there are small moments of comedy. Have you ever had a prostate exam in a limo? Well, Pattinson’s character does. Let’s just say it’s … amusing.

“The film acts on different levels,” said Pattinson. “The first time I saw the film, I was amazed by its farcical side, which I knew was there during the shooting, but which was unexpectedly apparent. The second time I saw it, the gravity of what was at stake prevailed. Despite its complexity, I was amazed by the way it reaches a wide range of emotions.”

The movie definitely operates on many levels and if you go in knowing that, the experience is more fulfilling. Like the novel, the emotions the story can evoke is broad. I was pleased by the humor in the film. The absurdity of certain situations, characters, and language was a pleasant surprise. When I read the script and book, I didn’t sense the humor as much but it shines deliciously in the movie.

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    Let’s just HOPE they let it come to Butler, PA, since Bel Ami is NOT!