USA: Cosmopolis gets a release date for August 17 – Opens in LA and NYC first

Pass around the vodka and cheers to this news. eOne confirmed with Indiewire that the film will be released in the states on August 17th:

Entertainment One Films US has set a date for David Cronenberg’s “Cosmopolis.” On August 17th, the film will open in New York and Los Angeles, expanding into additional markets soon after.

The film opens tomorrow (June 8) in Canada and next weekend in the UK (June 15). After a weeks-long promotional tour for Cosmopolis, the team takes a break but will be back for promotion of the film in the US. Can’t wait! 🙂

  • Karen

    Somehow, I don’t believe its success in the US (especially the critics hate Pattinson for no apparent reason). I mean, the audience in the US (in like, 95%, so that you know I know there are exceptions) likes simple nice blockbuster movies that are easy to get and easy to forget. Cosmopolis is anything but that. It is difficult to understand and even to follow because of the very specific and amazing DeLillo’s dialogue. You can’t switch the thinking function of your brain off, while watching it and people who only go to the cinema for simple fun will never understand this movie. Forgive me, but European audiences are much more open to movie art like Cosmopolis, although I guess, the ones who ‘get the movie’ will be delighted (like myself), but others will just say WTF? and dismiss it as a bad movie (like it was with A Tree of Life). Anyway, I wish it all the succes it deserves. Cronenberg is one of very few directors these days who actually know what they’re talking about.

    • Glad to be in the 5% of Americans who use their brains at the theater- LOL! I loved DeLillo’s book, so I had no problem following the movie. Cinema is art. I hate going to a movie and being unable to get back those minutes of my life when the movie turns out to be a complete bust. Cosmopolis definitely delivered and I was not disappointed.

  • I know the New Zealand release date now, too – November 1 *heavy sigh*

    • *waves* Hi bb! Thanks for the link! The time will fly… did you get Bel Ami yet? We didn’t here in Canada so I had to use the “guest entrance” to rent it on itunes. 😉 The things we do for Rob.

      • *waves back!* Nah, Bel Ami opens July 26. Not that I’m counting the days or anything… 😉

  • Sus

    It’s about time! YAY! Can’t wait. I wonder if it will be an limited release only in L.A. Live in SoCal, so might make the trek. Or wait til it shows in an Indie theatre down here! Thanks, Tink!

  • LIZ Reyes

    Sweet! see these are the types of movies that you know will be awesome. anyone know where they are going to be showing it in LA? every wedsite i look at says limited but wont tell me where.