Meet the Director: Jean-Stéphane Sauvaire’s early work in short film, ‘A Dios’

This series on the blog will introduce you to Jean-Stéphane Suavaire’s filmography and first up is a short film/documentary he did back in 2001, A Dios. It’s less than 5 minutes and very charming. I loved how he shot the film and seeing the boy’s world through the frame of a television. Some shots looked like they could actually be TV.

Set in Colombia, here are film descriptions I came across:

Television without electricity in South America; A kid in Colombia wanders around with his television frame.

Short and sweet, you get to see what some of Sauvaire’s earlier work looked like. Before you worry about any language barriers you might sense at the start of the film (although I was proud of myself for understanding most of the French subtitles LOL), it’s only in the beginning. The film features music and ambient sound. It’s all about the nonverbal communication. 😉 Enjoy!

Thank you, TC, for the heads up! I loved this short film 🙂