Robert Pattinson Tells Industria Magazine How He Met With Eric Maddox For 16 hours

Robert Pattinson likes to spend a lot of time researching his roles before filming a movie and if that means spending 16 hours with Eric Maddox to get the low down on how he found Saddam Hussein then that’s exactly what he’ll do.

Would anyone else like to have been a fly on the wall in that room?

Q: What are you doing next?
A: I’m doing Mission: Blacklist #1 with Jean-Stephane Sauvaire who made Johnny Mad Dog, about Eric Maddox who is the interrogator who led the US to find Saddam Hussein. I hung out with Eric in Washington, he had just got back from Afghanistan, and he gave me the full run down, over 16 hours, of how he found Saddam Hussein. He has a photographic memory and talking through every single detail. Hopefully we will be shooting in Iraq, I think it’s going to be very cool.

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He also mentioned meeting Eric and the pressure of doing a good job on the movie to “Skip” Magazine in a translated article

SKIP: Has your approach to looking for parts changed now?
Robert: Sure, I’m older and more confident. I was always afraid that I would never get offered any roles like this one. And to be invited to Cannes on top of it all, you suddenly begin to really see yourself as an actor. I mean Wow, I can really do cool movies as well (laughs)! I have very recently signed on to a couple of projects which, at this time last year, I wouldn’t have thought I’d be able to do. In one of them I’ll play a soldier who was present when they arrested Saddam Hussein. To prepare I’ve spent some time with the guy and of course it’s very important for him that we get it right. That’s quite a lot of pressure – but I like it that way!

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