US Promo Gets in the Limo! New Trailer for Cosmopolis + New official website

The limo finally makes its way through America!

UPDATE: Added HD YouTube!

Apple launched the American trailer for Cosmopolis today as well as revealed a new official website for the film:

The trailer features new scenes so check it out! Click HERE to watch on Apple!

We want you guys to gather limo passengers to go out and support the film. We’ll be waxing up the limo and getting our gears in shape during the weeks leading up to the limited release. There will be more reviews and interviews for us and plenty of time for you to organize your limo parties for Cosmopolis. Get in the limo! 🙂

US poster
  • Lou

    WHY isnt this movie going to be shown EVERYWHERE? Why only “Limited” places? Its not very fair to us fans!

  • Wow!!! The new trailer looks amazing! Looks like they added “panties” to Eric’s sex scene with his bodyguard…

  • Incredible.