VIDEO: Fandango talks Cosmopolis with Robert Pattinson at Comic Con

Fandango got a chance to interview Robert Pattinson on the red carpet before his press conference at Comic Con for Breaking Dawn Part 2. They spent most of their time talking about Cosmopolis!

It is strange that the film hasn’t come out in the States yet (Rob should distribute the film himself with his copy) and promo does feel like it’s already happened. We’ve had numerous reviews and know all too well about the “love it or hate it” reactions to the film. Like Rob, we didn’t know people actually walk out of theaters anymore for a film that’s hardly controversial. It’s just a workout for the mind, people. But I suppose some just don’t have the stamina for this workout. 😉

Another great moment during Comic Con came from a discussion MTV reporter, Joshua Horowitz had with a colleague on their livestream. They had this to say:

Can’t wait for more reviews and promo to kick up for the States. It’s nice to see media outlets plugging the film and being excited since the release of the American trailer.


  • luckymecandy

    Yes Rob. You’ve promoted it and we haven’t seen it yet. 🙁 #fangirlproblems

  • Odd that the premiere in NYC and LA is only a month away but I can’t seem to find any info on what theaters in NYC it will be at yet! Need to plan my trip! Also wondering if there will be any official premiere in NYC since Rob will be there for the Q&A.

    • I don’t think there will be premieres in NYC or LA. The North American premiere was in Toronto. NYC and LA are just the locations for the limited theatrical release.