CONTEST!! Two ‘Bel Ami’ DVDs Up For Grabs!

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment has given us 2 Bel Ami DVDs to give away! Here’s what you need to do to enter to win:

1. Leave a comment on this page letting us know why we should pick you! Make sure to state what your Twitter handle is within the comment!

2. Follow us on Twitter

3. Tweet: Go buy Bel Ami on DVD today! #BelAmiDVD

Contest open to USA only – no PO Boxes! We will pick a winner on Friday at 6pm EST. Good luck!

We need you to tell all your friends: BUY THE MOVIE.


  • Deb

    Today is my b-day (for real). What better b-day present could I ask for?

    • Deb

      Oops forgot to add, my twitter is @DebbieCDC

  • I’m a fan of the book and loved the movie the one time i got to see it, I want the DVD so I can enjoy watching it more than once.

  • Because I can say, “J’etais le seul baisee!” in a flawless French accent.

    Twitter: @CallMePagliacci


  • trojanmom

    @trojanmom2010 I love Bel Ami. I read the book before I knew Rob was going to be in the movie. I was so looking forward to seeing the movie when it came out but I live where the movie wasn’t showing. I am an out of work school worker and cannot afford the movie right now. I would to receive this movie.
    Thank You

  • Nel

    What a great present for a mom with three kids about to start school! 🙂

    My Twitter is @half_my_self

  • I rented Bel Ami when it came out on OnDemand and LOVED it! One of my favorite movies! Would love to own the DVD so I can watch it again, plus I can’t find it anywhere in my town!! PICK ME 🙂

  • I have seen the movie and I have read the book and to have the dvd of Bel Ami will be great because so I can see rob’s face and his fine acting skills when I want.
    My twitter is @vanegl

  • CherylSab

    You should pick me because you want me to experience thrusting rob repeatedly!!


  • You should pick me because I will tweet awesome things about Bel Ami to all my followers. Be jealous that i have a whole 91 of them!
    ; )

  • I love this movie. Its a different look for Rob and I think he nailed it.


  • I saw the movie On-Demand and would love to see DuRob on my big screen! Just to be able to rewind over and over and in SLO-MO…..

  • Because this movie played NO WHERE near my hometown! NOWHERE !!
    I bought one from AmazonUK…but it won’t play in my dvd player…so please…give me that movie! I need my DuRob fix! ;D

  • Firstly, I would love
    Rob in ANYTHING. I never miss. If he was in Drop Dead Fred, I would watch. Secondly, I love historical novels and movies. Third, he is an incredible actor and has a great supporting cast. Last but not least, who’s the pretty girl? ME! Thanks for the chance.

  • My birthday is next week, and it would be the best birthday gift ever! I read the book and saw the movie. I love the story so much, and of course I am a HUGE Rob fan! Also, Uma is one of my favorite actresses ever. I just want this so bad!

  • During filming of this movie is when I realized Rob was such a nice guy. I’ve read the book & saw the movie 2x. Plus, I love period movies.