NEW INTERVIEW: Robert Pattinson Talks ‘Mission: Blacklist’ Filming Plans

Robert Pattinson recently sat down with Time during press tour to promote his new movie Cosmopolis. He had this to say about his upcoming role in Mission: Blacklist:

I’m going to make this movie [Mission: Blacklist] about Eric Maddox, an Army interrogator who was one of the major people responsible for finding Saddam Hussein. He was working with JSOC [Joint Special Operations Command], which isn’t supposed to exist, and they found Saddam Hussein by themselves but they couldn’t say it was them. The story is crazy, absolutely bizarre. It’s a really cool director called Jean-Stéphane Sauvaire. We’re going to shoot in Iraq next summer. In January I’m doing this other movie [The Rover] with David Micôd, who did the Australian movie Animal Kingdom—a futuristic western with Guy Pearce.

Filming is now set for Summer 2013.