Robert Pattinson Gets Excited About His New Projects & Talks About ‘The Rover’

On his press tour for his current movie Cosmopolis Robert Pattinson metioned his new projects which of course included The Rover

He’s clearly excited to get started on this project and we can’t wait for him to start work on it. The current scheduled production date is January 24, 2013.

Here’s a round-up of excerpts where he mentions The Rover (click on the links to read the full articles)

MSN spoke to Rob and he mentioned his upcoming projects including the role he’s playing in The Rover:

From Le Monde:

When he auditioned for The Rover, the next David Michod (the Australian director of Animal Kingdom, one of the most remarkable police movies of the decade): “I waited for seven hours, but I made it. They chose me and it’s going to be a great movie.” When he said that, he held his head high with the pride of someone who landed the role using his teeth, aware that nothing will be offered to him on a plate.

From Associated Press via Washington Times:

Pattinson seems energized by the freedom of choice in front of him following the final “Twilight” installment, which will be released in November. He’s lined up parts in gritty films far from blockbuster size: “Mission: Black List,” a military thriller, and “The Rover” by Australian director David Michod (“Animal Kingdom”), a role he says he fought for more than any before.

From MTV, a quick mention at the end of the video about the film starting at the start of the new year: