Robert Pattinson talks about David Michôd’s group, Blue Tongue, reinvigorating the Australian film community

In an interview with Industria magazine Rob talks about his new projects and mentions how he thinks he’s the only non-Australian person in The Rover.

He also mentions the filmmaker collective that David Michod is a part of called Blue Tongue. Keep an eye out for some videos from them in our Meet The Director spots coming soon.


Q: What are you doing next?
A: I’m also going to do David Michod’s new film The Rover, he’s part of this group called the Blue Tongue and I have been a fan of theirs for years and would watch all their short films on YouTube. They are a group of friends who have reinvigorated the entire Australian film community, they can all write, act and direct and they only employ Australians. I read the script and desperately auditioned for it, I think I’m the only non-Australian person in it.

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NOTE: The interview was given before summer and Rob’s film, Mission: Blacklist, has been moved to summer 2013. The Rover is slated to start filming Jan. 2013.