ROUNDUP: Carey Mulligan signs on to star in James Marsh’s ‘Hold On To Me’: “Keep this on radar”

Our Hold On To Me blog is ready to roll which means it’s time to revisit some older news. We’re going to start with the roundup of select media outlets reporting on Carey Mulligan signing on to Hold On To Me (known as Nancy and Danny at the time).

“Everyone loves a great femme fatale.” ~ Cinema Blend

Excerpt from The Hollywood Reporter:

Carey Mulligan is in negotiations to star in Nancy and Danny, a thriller being developed by Indian Paintbrush. Set in a small town, the project concerns a money-hungry woman (Mulligan) whose big-city dreams failed. In order to land a high school crush, she uses a hapless man as a pawn in a get-rich-quick scheme that quickly goes wrong.

The project is said to be in the vein of To Die ForGus Van Sant’s 1995 black comedy that featured a breakout performance by Nicole Kidman. Sources said Mulligan pursued the part.

Brad Inglesby wrote the script for Nancy, which is being produced by Alexandra Milchan of EMJAG Productions, Indian Paintbrush’ Steven Rales and Mark Roybal as well as Todd FieldJames Marsh, the filmmaker behind the acclaimed documentary Man on a Wire, is on board to direct. Brad Ingelsby wrote the script.

Excerpt from Film School Rejects:

Though Carey Mulligan is an actress who’s shown quite a big of range in her young career, she’s generally always been cast as the nice girl, the one who’s going to end up being a victim. She was the naive girl who got her feelings trampled in An Education, the bright student who would never get to achieve her dreams in Never Let Me Go, and the struggling single mother in Drive – all roles that made her easily relatable to the audience, but which didn’t allow her to explore her dark side.

Well, according to a report from THR, that’s about to change. Apparently Mulligan has been pursuing the lead role in a darkly comedic thriller called Nancy and Danny, and her pursuits have been effective enough that she’s now in negotiations to take the part.

Should Mulligan’s casting become official, this one definitely sounds like it’s going to give us the chance to see a whole other side to her we haven’t glimpsed before. Nancy and Danny was written by Brad Ingelsby, who most recently co-wrote Out of the Furnace with Scott Cooper, and will be directed by James Marsh, who’s best known for his phenomenal documentaries Man on a Wire and Project Nim. That’s a lot of talent coming together in one place, so it would behoove us to keep this one on our radar.

Excerpt from Screen Crush:

Carey Mulligan is an actress with near-impeccable taste in roles, and the next film she has her eye on is the black comedy ‘Nancy and Danny,’ from Indian Paintbrush, the studio that brought us Wes Anderson’s ‘Moonrise Kingdom.’

Excerpt from Cinema Blend:

Everyone loves a great femme fatale, from Barbara Stanwyck’s Phyllis Dietrichson in Double Idemnity to Jessica Rabbit in Who Framed Roger Rabbit and now Carey Mulligan is getting the chance to join those esteemed ranks. The actress is now in talks to star in Nancy and Danny, a new dark comedy from director James Marsh.

Excerpt from The Film Stage:

But even now, with several badges of honor under her sleeve, Mulligan remains reluctant to attach herself to newly-announced projects without scrupulous consideration, so it’s with great intrigue that I report her personal interest in the starring role of Nancy and Danny, a small-town story about “a money-hungry woman (Mulligan) whose big-city dreams failed.” The logline’s second sentence: “In order to land a high school crush, she uses a hapless man as a pawn in a get-rich-quick scheme that quickly goes wrong.”

Excerpt from The Playlist/Indiewire:

This sounds like it has (a lot of) shades of Jason Retiman‘s “Young Adult,” but we’re intrigued to see Mulligan tackle the role because it’s definitely a far cry from anything she’s done before.

Overall, another fascinating choice by Mulligan and we hope it comes together soon.