ARTICLE: Excited drama student auditions for and wins a part in ‘The Rover’

Whyalla News has a nice article about a drama student who tried out for The Rover and won a part in the film. There aren’t many details we don’t already know but it’s still a nice read. Congrats to Ethan and we hope he enjoys the experience.

Flinders Ranges

From Whyalla News:

A local student will be rubbing shoulders with Hollywood stars when he takes part in an upcoming film.

Whyalla Stuart High School student Ethan Hanslow will be appearing in the upcoming film The Rover.

While Ethan was under a strict non-disclosure agreement his drama teacher Brad Stubing revealed that the movie is currently filming in parts of the Australian outback including the Flinders Ranges.

Directed by David Michod the film stars Hollywood A-listers Guy Pearce and Robert Pattinson.

Mr Stubing said as part of the drama curriculum he was trying to find ways for students to access real world experiences when a group from Sydney contacted him and informed him of the film.

“They said we’ve got a movie coming in early summer and we’d like to get some kids to have an audition,” he said.

“There was a lot of communication between myself and them and they contacted me and we organised for a date for them to come.”

Mr Stubing said the filmmakers were mainly looking for Aboriginal students however he had asked if there were any other parts students could audition for.

He said a number of students auditioned for the role.

“From that Ethan was shortlisted and then there was a couple more phone calls getting permission and things like that, then he sat down and met the directors in Port Augusta and then got the part,” Mr Stubing said.

Mr Stubing said from what he understood most of the filming would occur in Quorn, Bruce and the Flinders Ranges.

While Ethan was not able to say much due to his non-disclosure agreement he said he was excited for the role.

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