Meet The Director: Watch ‘Bear’ co-written by Nash Edgerton and David Michôd; starring Nash Edgerton and Teresa Palmer

Since David Michôd wrote The Rover, we posted about his writing accomplishments HERE. Now the full short to one of the trailers we shared is available.

Bear was written by Nash Edgerton and David Michôd. It stars Edgerton and Teresa Palmer. An excerpt of the review from Red Carpet Crash sums up how you might react:

You will be left either shocked with depression or, if you are like me, laughing hysterically and find it brilliant. You be the judge, friendo.

That’s pretty accurate and I found myself in the latter category.

If you missed the prequel to this short, check out Spider, also written by Edgerton and Michôd and starring Edgerton as Jack – king of jokes gone awry.

  • blondemel47

    Just watched BEAR!!!! I was and I wasnt. lol First made me jump, then was ok, then I saw what was coming & thought Nooo. SHIIITTT!!!! BRILLIANT THO!!! OMG really wet my appetite even more (if that is possible) for The Rover. Thanks for showing this clip

    • wasn’t that nuts? i suspected he’d get shot but i didn’t suspect the first shock; her flying off that cliff. i guess we wont get a sequel now LOL….altho…we don’t know if he’s dead. did you watch Spider? maybe Jack has amazing healing capabilities.

      • Kate

        LOL I saw the shocks coming and still jumped. I have to watch Spider yet. I always do things backwards ;-}

        • LMAO tell me what you think of Spider!

          • Kate

            LOVED It! I think my neighbour might be coming in to see what I was screaming and laughing at ;-} I don’t know if my heart will be able to take the Rover if it’s like that {giggles}
            I’m now not afraid of spiders anymore but i’m terrified of Jack ;-p

          • yeah. not the best boyfriend to have.

  • blondemel47

    JEESUS!!! If The Rover is anything like Bear & Spider I AM GONNA BE FREEKING JUMPIN OUTTA MY CHAIR!!! LMAO!

    • LOL i dont think it is but idek really…that story is protected in a vault. this will be a first for us – not knowing so much about a Rob film because there’s no book or script leaked. im excited! Joel, Nash’s brother, worked with David on TR.

  • Those were freaking brilliant!!
    Man, would not want to be In Jack’s family!

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