NEW: Photos of Guy Pearce and Robert Pattinson looking gritty on the set of The Rover!

Some new set pictures of Guy Pearce and Robert Pattinson filming The Rover have surfaced!

UPDATE: Photos had to be removed but you can view them HERE & HERE

  • Scavenger

    Dear God, he’s wearing prosthetics for decaying teeth. Am I seeing things? Gritty is an understatement!

    • Yes he’s wearing prosthetics. Yellow, cracked false teeth. Bring on the grit! lol

  • Jennifer

    My oh my!!! Our favorite guy is having the time of his life in Oz right? Hot as hell. Bugs eating him alive. Having to look like he grew up in the hills of Eastern Kentucky with that mange looking hair and those meth head teeth! …..yeah….LOOKING GOOD ROB! ;D

  • EllieRK

    Oh, wow, what a transformation! I am SO looking forward to seeing Rob in this film.

  • TeamEdward_Bella4ever

    I bet Rob is loving this shoot, he gets to be all dirty and sweaty. This movie looks totally different from what he’s done before. Can’t wait to see it.

  • quillpenz

    He dirties up pretty good, huh?

  • Anon

    Nothing can hide those awesome eyes…

  • Jane3

    Love it Rob. Love that you have nasty teeth, grungy clothes, down and dirty. Woo Hoo, can’t wait to see this new character on the big screen…hopefully.

  • ValBLovesRob

    @tinkrbe1l3:disqus is the last pic Robs body double? It looks like Rob but then again it doesn’t. & Thanks for these pics I waited and waited for them to show up last night…glad to see them here today 🙂 They can try to make an UglyRob but even UglyRob is HOTTTT!!!

    • Yes it’s his double – Ash Gale

  • Katarzyna Galuszka

    Can’t wait to see this movie 😀 They look so manly and harshly, differently than in previous movies which I know – I like it :d

  • I can´t wait to see this. Even with those teeth, Rob looks amazing! I´m really excited to see Pattinson-Pearce duo. By the way, The Rover was TT today as well

  • Silvie1

    Really looking forward to seeing this movie. It looks pretty amazing and good to see Rob doing this sort of movie. Love Guy, Love Rob, Love David M hope all goes well for them.

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  • Cool pic! I’m so excited to see Rob’s and Guy’s performance!! Also crazy to see David’s emotional rollercoaster in this story. 😀

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  • It’s amazing how the makeup department can change a person. Loving the teeth and cant wait to see how well they both portray their characters in the movie.